GMBVM Chairman

Chairman Message

GMBVM believes in giving Credit + services to the SHGs and the belief that WOMEN CAN DO!

The major objective of GMBVM is to achieve rural development. Creating opportunities for them by providing basic services, relevant skills and access to credit and markets can help to transform their lives forever.

GMBVM trust has been formed to improve the Social, Economic & Health status of women in rural area. The Trust is aimed at comprehensive development of women and their empowerment by organizing them in to Self Help Groups (SHGs) and helping them to take up income generating activities. The focus of this trust is not only on betterment of financial status of the rural poor people but also improve social and cultural dimensions of living.

We are aiming to be a leading institution for the promotion of inclusive growth in India by contributing to the key enablers required for widespread participation in economic opportunities in the country.

Shri. A B Vijayakumar

Chairman, GMBVM

Executive Director, Bank of Maharashtra